How To Become a Member

Tight knit supporters There are two forms of memberships in the Tight Knit Movement networking group: Tight Knit Affiliates and Tight Knit Supporters.

Tight Knit Movement Affiliates

Members who are Business Owners, Event Promoters and Entrepreneurs. The Affiliates are the core of the networking group and build relationships with one another that are personal, accountable & tight. Affiliates work together to support one another through cross promoting and strategic marketing. Affiliates also offer incentives to Tight Knit Supporters by way of discounts or special offers.

The annual membership fee for Affiliates is $100.00 which comprises various benefits including but not limited to:

  • Radio advertising/promotion on “The Tight Knit Movement” radio show- WOLB 1010am Saturdays at 1pm
  • Special Tight Knit Movement Supported email blast via constant contact
  • Discounts on media marketing- flyers, videos, email blast
  • Cross promotion and collaboration opportunities with other Affiliates
  • Advertising opportunities at special sponsored Affiliate events
  • Access to full database of other Affiliates
  • Opportunity for  new customers/clients by way of the Tight Knit Supporters

Tight Knit Movement Supporters

Members who benefit from the businesses, services and events of the Affiliates.  Supporters are dedicated to patronizing the services of the Tight Knit Affiliates.  Supporters attend Tight Knit Movement’s events and promote Tight Knit Movement’s events.

The annual membership fee for Supporters is $30.00 which comprises various benefits including but not limited to:

  • Discounted tickets/admission to Tight Knit Movement’s events
  • Discounted products and services from Tight Knit Movement’s Affiliates
  • Special FREE admission to select Tight Knit Movement’s events
  • Special VIP access/privileges to select Tight Knit Movement’s events

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